« River Heritage and River areas » (Saint Louis, March 2011)

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The conference on River Heritage and River areas was held in Saint Louis, Senegal, from 3. March 2012 to 5. March 2012. The meeting was organised by the Senegal River Centre and the Gaston Berger University, with the support of the France – UNESCO Convention. It gathered approximately 50 participants from Senegal, Mauritania, Mali and France – namely, researchers, Cultural Heritage directors, experts, representatives from local authorities or training institutions.

In line with the Rivers and Heritage workshop, held at the French Senate (Paris, 2. November 2009), this meeting allowed to release various research works concerning river cultures, fluvial landscapes and water management local know-how. It also laid stress on the importance of the « reappropriation of the cultural ownership of the river » and its role in local development, addressing the experience of the River Centres in particular.

The conference acted as a stage to give visibility to the works of the Senegal River Centre (eg research on intangible heritage of the Senegal River Valley). It also fostered South-South cooperation between the Senegal River and the Nile River: 7 participants from Mali attended the conference in order to display their experience.

The river centres network was officially inaugurated on that occasion.

Conference documents (French only):

1. Programme

2. Introduction

3. Summary

4. Founding declaration of the river centres network

Contact: Ibrahima Bao, maisondufleuvesn@yahoo.fr

Website: http://maisondufleuvesenegal.com/

(translated from French by Alessandra Tribotti)

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