Defining tomorrow’s new City – Port relationship (Quebec, April 2011)

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How to reconcile the city and the port, economic development and the protection of natural environments, urban renewal and harbour expansion, corporate interests and city aspirations ?

How can a port city, frequently marooned in spatial confines inherited from past centuries as it is, face new needs connected to matters like tonnage growth, the proliferation of super containers or super oil tankers and technological changes in dock work or in infrastructures for intermodal transport? In most cases, the extension and relocation of harbour installations clash with municipal zoning restrictions or with reluctancies, even the opposition of citizen, whether these are environmental activists or not.

The Friends of the St Lawrence Valley and Quebec’s Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Port of Quebec, Quebec City and The Worldwide Network of Port Cities (Association Internationale Villes et Ports, or AIVP), endeavoured to find solutions to these very problems.

Their main conclusions are based around four objectives:

  • To instil sensitivity towards the importance of the maritime activity within the population of port cities, both in the cultural and economic life.
  • To change the culture and the traditional governmental methods in the common city – port relationship.
  • To share the good international practices in development and port management, as well as the ones pertaining to the governance of the city – port relationship.
  • To open up, globally, to the creation of a common economic and eco-friendly vision of the development of port cities.

The Friends of the St Lawrence Valley and Quebec’s Chamber of Commerce have also proved that it is possible for actors in the fields of economic development, country management and environmental protection to combine their respective efforts in the search for solutions set to allow a genuine sustainable development.


(translated from French by Alessandra Tribotti)

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