Fluvial agriculture, a remedy for the food crisis

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“We must encourage the installation of rain recycling systems and watering points for livestock so that people do not fear for the future.”

A scientific study published on September 26, 2011 analyzes the situation of ten of the world’s largest river basins and finds there is enough water for all the world’s inhabitants so long as this resource is used more efficiently and is more evenly distributed. With climate change, it is necessary to protect against the erratic nature of rainfall (for example in South Africa). Think of changes to the types of crops used; work towards greater cooperation among ministries within the same country; and consider a reallocation of activities among the various countries in the valleys in order to make the most of this resource based on soil type and production conditions. These are the concerns of the experts of the advisory group for international agricultural research, which brings together sixty states and NGOs.

Source: L’agriculture fluviale, remède à la crise alimentaire, Le Monde, September 2011

(translated from French by Hadia Hakim)

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