IS Rivers – Managing our rivers: Research and Action (Lyon, June 2012)

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Newsflash: Interview with Anne Clémens, Director-General of the Rhone River Basin Research Observatory

The first international conference on Integrative sciences and sustainable development of rivers will take place in Lyon, from 26 to 28 June 2012. It will allow scientists, regional authorities and other stakeholders to gain an insight into the complexity and diversity of our river systems, and will give them the opportunity to share their experiences, expertise and research, and discuss the particular effects of regional policies on river basin districts within a European context.

Discussions will centre on three key themes: (1) The social context of rivers, (2) the ecological context of rivers, and (3) the sustainable management of rivers. The organizers wish to facilitate an open dialogue between researchers, local government, local residents, consultancy groups and other interested parties who either frequently make use of or depend on rivers. The conference is being organized by the Rhone Basin Long Term Environmental Research Observatory (ZABR) in conjunction with the Rhône-Alpes Research Group on Water Infrastructures (GRAIE).


For more information: Programme

(translated from French by Wolf Draeger)

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