A historical and cultural database on the Rhone river

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The Rivers and Heritage Database was created by the Rhone River Centre to facilitate access to information on the Rhone. Numerous documentary and scientific resources exist; however, they are maintained and disseminated about the linear river by a wide variety of organizations (museums, public archives, associations). Giving access to professionals or the public at large to this data is the key to maintaining the status of rivers as shared cultural heritage and to affirming their role in the development of territories.

Launched in 2010, the database combines two tools designed for different audiences: a system of shared information for professionals and a public website with a search engine, giving access to research on the river and its heritage.

The database relies on an inter-regional information network, created under the Rhone plan, which brings together 32 French and Swiss cultural organizations involved in the study and the promotion of the cultural importance of the Rhone River (Historical Museum of Lausanne, DRAC Rhone Alpes, municipal or county archives, and regional inventory services, etc.).

The database offers a wide range of information on the river , its history, its players, its landscapes, its practices and its uses. It combines resources on movable and immovable assets (dams, bridges, boats), but also on the river’s intangible heritage (rituals, beliefs, myths…). Specifically, the search engine offers the possibility to access data through key terms related to the categories of intangible heritage (traditions, practices, knowledge, expertise…). 5000 documentary reports are currently available; however, this figure should increase to 10,000 in late 2012.

Contact: Sophie Vuillemard, [email protected]

Website: http://www.banquededonneesfleuvepatrimoine.fr

(translated from French by Hadia Hakim)