“Tell me your (river) story”: an educational project between rivers

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A journey of self-discovery through a patchwork of stories .

Riverside schoolchildren aged 8-12 years swap their respective experiences of the Senegal and Niger rivers in Mali. Under the watchful gaze of their teachers, they exchange their “notes” gathered during their excursions: photos, songs, sketches, stories… all of which will be posted on the Internet for others to share and discover. A fun and stimulating way to see rich and diverse landscapes through the eyes of these budding explorers; a thousand and one new perspectives and opportunities to be acquainted with the world’s rivers, to discover their actual wonders and imagine their possible futures.

Support for this educational exchange program comes from Maisons du fleuve (River Centres), a civil society network aimed at spreading awareness and promoting the role of rivers, and from the Houses on the Senegal River in Saint-Louis (Senegal), Niger River in Ségou (Mali) and Mopti Delta (Mali) in particular. The House on the Rhone River, which founded the project as an experimental concept during a joint venture on the Saint-Lawrence (Canada) and Daugava (Latvia) rivers, provides guidance and technical support for volunteers and participating Houses in this cultural and educational adventure. The children’s inaugural presentation was showcased at the World Water Forum held in Marseilles in March 2012

The program also enjoys the support of the France-UNESCO Cooperation Agreement, the AIMF (Association Internationale des Maires Francophones) and Veolia.

Contact: Cécile Leoen, [email protected]


(translated from French by Wolf Draeger)