Inland waterways, a book by Bernard Le Sueur

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Navigation has remade its way back to the heart of the societies after a long gap, driven by a movement towards rediscovery and reappropriation of rivers, in other words ‘river-urbanisation’ (flurbanisation). Through Inland waterways (Glénat editions), the author presents a long history that progressively reveals examples varying between continuity and rupture.  He has comprehensively addressed this, while highlighting the close relationship between the navigation systems, markets, canals and rivers, boats and men. By doing so, he reemphasises and throws light on the known heritage and reveals those, that should be discovered.

The author, Bernard Le Sueur is a historian who has dedicated all of his research to the world of rivers and channels, and towards the relationship between mankind and rivers. With a doctorate and as a pioneer of oral history, he has always supported multidisciplinary approaches to rivers.

His most recent publications:

Mariners, history and memories of the artisanal inland waterway ”, ( Mariniers, histoire et mémoire de la batellerie artisanale ), Glénat, Volume 1 2004 and Volume 2 2005.

Artisans at the heart of river transportation ” ( Les artisans au coeur du transport fluvial ), The Geai Bleu Editions, 2010.

(Translated from French by Debbie Thain)