The Southern Rhone network: a novel regional approach to drive dynamic projects

Le jan 07, 2013 dans la categorie Edito , Initiatives par Aswathi Chandramohan | 0 Commentaire »

The education association « CPIE Rhone » (Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiative) from the Arles area benefits from the CPIE accreditation. It has been working for several years to raise awareness and enhance the image of the Rhone River. It now leads and manages a network of stakeholders involved in the field: the southern Rhone network. The goal of this network is to encourage and improve the cultural life around the river and enhance the landscape along the Rhone from Bollene/Saint-Esprit all the way to the estuary. The network brings stakeholders together and helps the pooling of resources to facilitate cooperative resource management in projects. This multi-disciplinary network has brought 300 key actors together to work on issues like water quality, tourism, flood risk management, planning, inland navigation and heritage conservation. The key aspect of this type of initiative is that it brings together stakeholders to promote a broader vision on the river system and its services. A first collaboration was started last April in Fourques where a hundred stakeholders met and shared resources.

Contact : Anne Lambert, [email protected]

(Translated from French by Yliane Yvanes)