Friends of the Saint Lawrence Valley

Le juin 21, 2012 par Emmanuelle Robert | 0 Commentaire »

The association Friends of the Saint Lawrence Valley was set up in 1986 in Quebec (Canada ) to protect and promote the environmental heritage of Saint Lawrence, at the heart of the settlement and economic life of the east of Canada. Its actions are all the more important given that use of the river continues without a coherent vision or concerted governance, on the basis of knowledge completely inadequate for its natural and social potential and for the environmental risks.

The association began lobbying activities in 1992 for Saint Lawrence to be recognised as a natural heritage site, so that development and construction could be planned and carried out coherently on the basis of this status. The association also labours to improve regulations, for example  by contributing to the adoption of a 2010 law regulating oil and gas activities on the Saint Lawrence River.

More generally, the association is active in creating a consensus on sustainable use of the river , by organising meetings such as the conference , in April 2011, or awareness raising activities for the general public and the mobilisation of residents’ associations. The challenge is to reconcile economic development with environmental protection, appropriation for economic purposes, and multi-use access to benefit citizens.

Contact: Alexandre Archer, Project Director, [email protected]


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