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The network was created in March 2011 by five founding members:

  • the River Senegal Centre in Saint Louis (Senegal)
  • the River Niger Centre in Segou (Mali)
  • the (France)
  • the Mopti Delta Centre (Mali)
  • the Loire Centre in Anjou (France)

It is steadily growing to include new members:

  • the Douro Museum (Portugal)
  • Friends of the Saint Lawrence Valley (Canada)
  • the Oga Foundation on the Paraná River (Argentina)
  • the Daugava Museum (Latvia)
  • the Luang Prabang River Centre on the Mekong (Laos)

It also supports the following planned or upcoming projects:

  • in Varanasi on the Ganges (India)
  • on the Nile (Egypt)

The network is open to all experiences and expectations, and welcomes approaches for new projects.

(translated from French by Jacqueline Graves)