Paraná River Centre

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The Paraná River Centre (Argentina) was created on the initiative of the Oga Foundation, a private, non-profit organisation, set up to promote natural and cultural heritage. In this context, the Centre focuses on highlighting the Paraná River’s role as a natural resource, an element of the landscape and an essential part of regional heritage and identity.

The institution is not-for-profit and works on general interest activities in the areas of:

  • culture: promoting the culture of residents by bringing together aspects of different societies (customs, arts, savoir-faire) from along the river’s length.
  • heritage: highlighting the river as a common thread in the history of human settlement since the first indigenous peoples.
  • education: putting knowledge at schools’ disposal to increase understanding of the complexity of river environments and their resources.
  • economic innovation: finding new ways to create wealth whilst respecting the requirements of sustainable development. The Centre aims to act as a hub for production and innovation on the growth of ecotourism and on environmental education, especially on the subject of renewable energies.
  • tourism: considering the river as an original natural resource, allowing the development of new assets to tourism in connection with the regional phenomenon of pilgrimage. The wide range of nautical and commercial activities on offer, relating to historical, cultural and natural heritage, allows visitors to enjoy the river and its surroundings in new ways, taking advantage of existing socio-economic activity (for example water sports and fishing).

A home for the Centre will be built in the next few years in the area of Aguar Park, near the town of San Nicolas, to host upcoming activities, some of which are already confirmed. The building will house exhibitions as well as recreational and educational activities. It is planned as a new resource for tourism in the valley and the region.

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(translated from French by Jacqueline Graves)