River Centres

Le juin 12, 2012 par Emmanuelle Robert | 0 Commentaire »

River Centres are hubs of knowledge, information and advice , in close proximity to the situation on the ground. They aim to generate interaction with river users, stakeholders, and local residents and communities. The educational and cultural activities take a holistic view of the river as a starting point, and are sometimes complemented by expertise on local development issues. The centres were not set up for the purposes of planning and construction, but work instead on building the links between man and river, understanding rivers as part of our living heritage. The initiative is developing in different ways in each country. There is, however, a common concern.

The setting up of the River Centres network will enhance individual experiences, and provide opportunities to share and to raise awareness of the programme and its stakes. Set up in Saint-Louis, Senegal in March 2011, the network’s purpose is to engage in the task of making the most of our rivers.

(translated from French by Jacqueline Graves)