River Senegal Centre

Le juin 21, 2012 par Emmanuelle Robert | 0 Commentaire »

The River Senegal Centre was created in 2006 in Saint Louis (Senegal) with the support of the River Rhône Centre and the Rhône Alpes region as part of their partnership with the region of Saint Louis. The centre works to discover and raise awareness of the heritage of the Senegal River with a focus on sustainable development. It provides support for actors on the ground on educational, scientific and project management support missions.

In particular it is developing studies and research on the populations and cultures of the River Senegal, in partnership with the Gaston Berger University in Saint Louis (study on intangible heritage in Podor in 2010-2011) or activities to raise children’s awareness of the river (operation “tell me your (river) story” in 2012). It also organizes exhibitions and meetings to help the public and decision-makers learn about the diverse values of the river (conference on The Heritage of Rivers and their Surroundings in March 2011).

Today, the River Senegal Centre is an on-the-ground actor wishing to contribute more widely to project support, actions and economic interests, taking into account the promotion of river heritage, as a support to local populations and actors.

The River Centre has signed an agreement with the Gaston Berger University to mobilise students for its research projects and to prepare a Master’s on the subject of Rivers and Heritage, to be offered by the university. A project is also underway with the tourist information office in the Saint Louis region on promoting the value of river heritage for tourism.

Contact: Ibrahima Bao, [email protected]